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McCain TV Ads

by apowaleny

Outrageous from Craft on Vimeo.

This TV spot is an example of how you can put together an ad on the fly. It was written and edited while co-supervising an edit session for another spot. Used Final Cut and a Mac Pro to put this together in a matter of just a few hours. This McCain spot aired in New Hampshire during the primary.

Stop. Think. from Craft on Vimeo.

Sometimes spots don’t need voiceovers. This concept ad is was a prime example.

Agree from Craft on Vimeo.

Agree was the ultimate rapid response TV spot. Produced during the first presidential debate, I was able to record the debate in real time in HD, and work with the communications rapid response team to craft the ad as the debate went on. The result was a spot that was released 10-minutes before the debate was even over. The ad was played on Hannity and Colmes as well as Greta Van Sustren immediately following the debate. It managed to frame the narrative that Obama seemed to mimic or agree with McCain’s stands during the debate. It has been viewed over 660,000 times on YouTube.

Tied Up from Craft on Vimeo.

No other ad in the Republican primary got as much attention as Tied Up. Immediately after John McCain got off the great zinger in the debate production began by piecing together the spot on a laptop. Most of the ad was edited with Final Cut Studio on a MacBook pro. The end result was a spot that was able to extend the Senator’s debate momentum and score a good round of earned media.