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The People of Standish

by bdonahue

In the last year there have been great advances in digital film making. The convergence between digital SLR cameras and HD video has created a truly accessible film like visual aesthetic – and Craft has embraced it whole heartedly. The technological path was first paved by the RED camera – a revolutionary video camera capable of resolution beyond HD and capabilities and an aesthetic that rivals 35mm film. The RED camera is perfect for a higher end TV ad shoot but it’s still too much of a costly and sometimes technological terror to use for just Web video. So what’s the answer for getting the film look for web video? The Canon 5D Mark II and the Canon 7D – both digital SLRs that shoot video. The following video is an example of the storytelling that’s possible with these new tools.

This is a short mini-documentary produced for the group Keep America Safe. In late 2009 there was talk that the Obama administration would move terrorist detainees captured on the battlefield and held at Guantanamo Bay Cuba to a correctional facility in Standish, Michigan. While local and state politicians favored bringing the terrorists to the small town the people of Standish overwhelming were opposed to the move. The documentary explores the potential impact of moving the prisoners to Standish as well as having town residents present the real facts of the situation.

Ultimately, the video was successful. It got picked up by a large number of blogs including the Weekly Standard and luckily for the people of Standish the Obama administration decided not to move the detainees to their town.