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Web Video BC’04

by apowaleny

In 2004 Craft Partner Justin Germany served as the Bush campaign’s road videographer and web video editor. Throughout that campaign he produced a series of Web videos that showcased both the message of the President and the grassroots enthusiasm he generated. The following are some of the videos created for the Bush re-elect.

The Rally Video from CRAFT on Vimeo.

A 5-minute long film created to play at President George W. Bush’s re-election rallies. The footage was shot cinema verite style over the course of a couple of months on the campaign trail. Shot and edited in a style owing more to MTV than standard presidential presentation, the video was featured in a New York Times article stating that “the video stands out…edgy, unpresidential style, with grainy pictures, speeded-up-action and off kilter camera angles shouting out “You got a problem with this?” to anyone under 25.” It won a Pollie award for best non-broadcast video.

Sights and Sounds from CRAFT on Vimeo.

Compiled in October of 2004, Sights and Sounds of the Campaign Trail featured many of the great still images I was able to capture as the videographer for Bush-Cheney ‘04. Many of the shots in the video were enhanced through movement or special effects. Sound-bites from audio recorded of the President on the road complimented the visuals. The video was featured on the campaign Web site as well as played on election night.