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Your Newsletter Is Killing Your List

Earlier this morning I received an email from the PAC of a major political figure and probable GOP candidate for President in 2012.  The subject of the email demonstrates the problem fairly clearly: Month in Review — February 2010 My goal in discussing this email is not to embarrass the sender, so I’m not going [...]

Video Tracker: Game Changer?

Politics has changed considerably the last few cycles. President Obama’s campaign dominated the internet in 2008 with their impressive fundraising as did now Sen. Scott Brown in his historic January 19 win for the Massachusetts Senate seat. Twitter has become a dominating force within political circles for rapid response and sharing information but what about [...]

Craft of Communications

Despite remarkable changes in technology, increasing fragmentation of traditional audiences, and rapid media convergence, most political consultancies are still stuck in a model that was perfected when Reagan ran against Carter. For the few traditional firms that wish to evolve, the typical “fix” usually consists of hiring a mid-level staffer to “do our Internet stuff”. [...]

Missed Opportunities

In today’s hyper connected culture, campaigns are vying for the attention of voters among an increasingly large and dynamic pool of competition. By re-thinking and re-working traditional activities in a modern context, campaigns are creating new opportunities to define themselves. An announcement speech is one of the most traditional campaign functions. Today, this is little [...]