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It’s An Attention Economy

As a blogger, I get my fair share of emails about events, stories and issues. Sadly, far too many of them are lifeless, uninteresting, impersonal press releases – a format that should have evolved much more than it has. That kind of online communication – blogger outreach that consists of press releases and lifeless PR [...]

At What Point Does Facebook Become Too Commercial?

Yesterday Jon posted a note explaining the reason we don’t have a Facebook fan page.  If you haven’t checked it out, you may want to as it has a direct correlation to my thoughts on Facebook.  As he mentioned in his note, the discussion of whether or not to launch one spawned a lot of [...]

Why CRAFT | Media / Digital Does Not Have a Facebook Fan Page

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and blogs are wonderful tools. So, should your organization use them?  Maybe….or maybe not. At CRAFT Media Digital, we sell communications strategy, tactics and execution to meet client goals.  Social media falls under the “tactic” category.  Many clients can use social media very effectively.  However, for some clients, social media tactics do [...]

Web Video Driving Earned Media

Recently, we produced a web video for our client Keep America Safe. This video, titled “The Al-Qaeda Seven” was a central piece in their effort forcing Attorney General Eric Holder to release the names of seven Justice Department attorneys that had previously represented or advocated on behalf of terrorist detainees in Guantanamo Bay. 48 hours [...]

CNN Newsroom profiles “Pelosi is Wrong”

CNN Newsroom profiles “Pelosi is Wrong” on March 10, 2010: The full “Pelosi is Wrong” spot can be viewed here:

“They will not be drove”

Perhaps the most important thing to understand about communicating online is this: It’s not about you; it’s about them. It’s a point that’s been made often before, even by George Washington, who once said “A people unused to restraint must be led; they will not be drove.” That’s more true online than anywhere else in [...]

ClickZ: Partners in New D.C. Firm Cut Teeth on GOP Controversy

This morning CRAFT was featured in ClickZ’s Politics and Advocacy section focusing on our new business model. Partners in New D.C. Firm Cut Teeth on GOP Controversy By Kate Kaye The man behind a controversial video portraying Barack Obama as the messiah, and a recent video attacking the U.S. Attorney General, is just one of [...]

Web Video: Keep America Safe Questions Obama Security Policies

CRAFT’s work was highlighted this morning in Politico for the group Keep America Safe. Cheney group questions loyalty of Justice lawyers By Ben Smith Liz Cheney’s group Keep America Safe, which has led the resurgent Republican attacks on President Obama’s national security policies, is releasing a video this morning that questions the loyalties of Justice [...]

The Changing Face Of Campaign Combat

A few years ago the title of “video tracker” on a campaign would be met with the simple response:  Huh? But in just a few short years, most notably beginning in the 2006 cycle when YouTube was becoming a presence in everyday Internet use, the video tracker has become a critical campaign position. The importance [...]