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CRAFT on Fox News

CRAFT partner, Brian Donahue, talks to Fox News’ John Scott and gives his reaction to the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll showing Americans in an anti-incumbent mood leading up to the 2010 midterm elections. Brian Donahue on Fox News from CRAFT on Vimeo.

All About the Numbers

House Republicans announced last week their twitter new media challenge similar to “March Madness” in an effort to attract new followers to Republican Member’s of Congress. The idea is simple: Get more people to follow each Republican Member of Congress thus increasing the GOP’s ability to get its message out. In theory this is a [...]

GOP Outguns Dems Online in Congressional Races

In an article in ClickZ the issue of online advertising is explored. As pointed out, Republicans are “outgunning their Democratic counterparts” due to what CRAFT Partner Matthew Dybwad explains is “they hold the majority in the House, congressional Democrats are less compelled to make sure they’re at the top of their digital games.” By Kate Kaye, [...]

Googling at the Polls

CRAFT Partner Matthew Dybwad was recently included in the blog post below from Politics Magazine from the recent Politics Online Conference in Washington, D.C. Dybwad was featured on a panel on the subject of utilizing Google to maximize your internet strategy. Written by Shane D’Aprile, Politics Magazine Looking for a way to grab the attention of [...]

Are You “Kicking Your Own Ass”?

Mark Cuban has a great post up at Blog Maverick titled, “Why You Should Never Listen To Your Customers.”  In it he relates the tale of a company with which he was involved.  The company asked its customers what features they would like to see in the product while the competition just went ahead and [...]

Reinventing the Tools of Politics

Menachem Wecker at GW Today highlights CRAFT’s GW connection while also delving into CRAFT’s approach to marketing communication.

Do you have compelling content?

Most people who want websites think all their content is compelling.  ”I’m putting information about myself out there, why wouldn’t everyone want to read it?” Right.  Fewer people understand what compelling content is:  answers, solutions, laughs, interesting narrative… Fewer still could actually tell you if what they have is compelling based on the user experience [...]