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All About the Numbers

by apowaleny

House Republicans announced last week their twitter new media challenge similar to “March Madness” in an effort to attract new followers to Republican Member’s of Congress.

The idea is simple: Get more people to follow each Republican Member of Congress thus increasing the GOP’s ability to get its message out. In theory this is a great idea, engaging those who use twitter and highlighting the party’s willingness to reach out to a growing online community.

The problem however is this challenge is based solely on numbers.  Building numbers or followers, while excellent, should be about the value you provide to those who do follow you. It should be about being unique and engaging your readership not simply getting readers for the sake of saying you’ve got the most.

Social media is meant to be social. Trying to gain as many followers as possible, and then having no game plan to keep them engaged afterwards is a strategy we see too often.

Twitter isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and the House challenge will almost certainly yield tangible results.  However, once Members of Congress build their list, the real challenge has just begun.  Communicating with and being relevant to your audience is the hard part.

Without a concrete strategy to engage your audience, all the followers in the world won’t do you any good