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Sometimes a “Feel-Good” Ad is Not Good Enough

Crude oil has been gushing from a faulty wellhead into the Gulf of Mexico for over 70 days now, and a viable solution to the problem has yet to be introduced. BP’s CEO, Tony Hayward, has been receiving immense criticism left and right for his actions since the spill, or lack thereof. In an effort [...]

Tea Party Candidates and Women: Victorious in the Primaries but Face Challenges Ahead

In the recent slew of primary elections that took place throughout the country, two groups particularly stood out as victors in the races: women and Tea Party candidates. Several women won high profile primary races, including Carly Fiorina for California Senate, Meg Whitman for California governor, Sharron Angle for Nevada Senate, and Nikki Haley for [...]

Changing Media Changing Attention Spans

A question came up the other day with a friend of mine who asked me “who writes letters anymore?” Thinking about it with the exception of Christmas cards and a few notes on birthdays I realized that I in fact don’t. It’s not just that I do not write letters, it’s my attention span, like [...]

One Size Doesn’t Fit All.

Campaigns & Elections, June 2010

CRAFT’s 50 Political Journalists To Follow On Twitter

Two weeks ago, CRAFT brought you our much talked about list of 50 Bloggers To Follow On Twitter. Now, we have compiled a list of the 50 Political Journalists we recommend our clients follow. For those who use Twitter, it serves as a constant source of news and information. These political journalists contribute to that in [...]

Times of Crisis Are No Time For Playing Games

In a post for PR News Online, self-described ‘GOP web 2.0 consultant’ David All suggests a strategy for BP to use games and foursquare badges to clean up its PR problems. I couldn’t disagree more. There is a legitimate point to suggest that companies innovate, and invest in games to promote their brand, and even [...]