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Too much Caffeine in your backlinks?

Google’s new search indexing system, “Caffeine,” has been completely implemented. What this means in a nutshell is that Google can index content across the web, including the social web, far more efficiently and deliver search results that include content that is nearly brand new. However, Caffeine does not change Google’s search algorithm, so when the number [...]

Media’s New Kids on the Block

Justin Germany was interviewed with three other next-generation media consultants for Campaigns & Elections magazine: C&E: How much of a struggle is it within the campaign structures that you guys work with in trying to get the resources that you guys want for online? JG: My firm is kind of interesting in that we have [...]

FOX News features CRAFT’s new RNC ad

“Two Of A Kind”, CRAFT’s new TV spot for the Republican National Committee, was featured this morning on FOX News’ Happening Now with Jon Scott and Jane Skinner. The full spot can be viewed here:

U.S. Department of Labor: Working Hard to Protect the Rights of Illegals

Towards the end of June, the Department of Labor launched an ad campaign explicitly offering government assistance to illegal immigrants who believe that they are not being paid fair wages at their jobs, which they illegally maintain in the United States. In April, the Labor Department initiated “We Can Help,” a “bilingual national awareness campaign [...]

Brian Donahue on FOX News – 7/4/2010

Brian Donahue discusses the current political environment on FOX News. Brian on Fox from CRAFT on Vimeo.