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We Remember

CRAFT is proud of the work from our team and, especially, Justin Germany for producing such a profound video piece on the subject of the creation of the Ground Zero Mosque. On behalf of Keep America Safe, Justin Germany filmed those most personally affected by the terrorist act committed by 19 Islamic extremists on September [...]

A Case Study in Good Policy Blogging: AT&T

Mashable ran a post last week titled “15 Excellent Corporate Blogs To Learn From” that was really quite good.  The post looked mostly at marketing components like choosing a design, showcasing your products, highlighting your company’s expertise, and more. There was no discussion, however, of how these companies use their blogs to engage in public [...]

In Search Of Humor: The Top 5 Funniest Republicans/Conservatives

A friend pointed me to recent comments by Keith Olbermann that there are no funny conservatives.  As a big fan of both conservatism (at least the fiscal kind) and comedy/stand up, I have to take issue with that.  There are a lot of funny conservatives/libertarians.  (Please note, I consider myself more of a libertarian Republican, [...]