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We Remember

by apowaleny

CRAFT is proud of the work from our team and, especially, Justin Germany for producing such a profound video piece on the subject of the creation of the Ground Zero Mosque. On behalf of Keep America Safe, Justin Germany filmed those most personally affected by the terrorist act committed by 19 Islamic extremists on September 11th.

In this video, the families of those who lost loved ones and the first responders at the Trade Center make the most profound and touching argument against opening a mosque so close to this sacred ground. Their voice alone, captures the deep sentiment felt by so many who are against those who wish to proceed with the development of this mosque.

Since going live on Wednesday, August 18, this video was featured on the Drudge Report for two consecutive days. It has been viewed over 200,000 times on YouTube, and was the most viewed and discussed video among Non-Profits & Activism on the site. It was the 18th most viewed and 23rd most discussed video on YouTube overall. 10,527 people shared it on Facebook. It was shared on mobile devices by over 12,000 individuals. It was the 9th most trending topic on Twitter and was Tweeted by several influentials such as Sarah Palin. Good Morning America, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bret Baier, Andrew Breitbart, the Weekly Standard, Real Clear Politics and the Huffington Post featured the video in the past several days.

Regardless of your personal opinion on this subject, our freedom to openly express opinions, discuss and debate issues like these is what defines our nation.