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Blog Outreach: Beyond the Basics

Over the last few years we’ve seen the merging of professional journalism and weblogging. Still, the vast majority of webloggers you will deal with write online as a hobby. Here’s some additional tips to add to Daniel Huey’s previous post.

Blog Outreach: The Basics

Blogs and Bloggers are here to stay and their influence is impossible to ignore. The dynamic is no longer traditional news outlets vs blogs, but rather a mix and integration, and interaction of the two. Both are valuable in their own right and must be addressed with respect to their unique nature in order to maximize the reach of your message.

Analog Adventure in Tokyo

Election season. Day after day, hour after hour, crisis after crisis you’ve long since lost any sense of normalcy as your reality has been engulfed by your own volition into an endless cycle of work and stress. Finally the wave of work crashes over you – a long building torrent of tension suddenly crescendos leaving [...]