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How Super Is Our Debt?

by mturk

One problem political organizations often face is a wealth of complex information and the challenge of presenting that information in an easily digestible format. Our goal, as a firm, is to help clients identify new and compelling ways to make a point.

To illustrate this point, we wanted to find a complex topic, with big numbers, and find a way to make that content timely and relatable. The biggest number we could think of is our national debt, which now stands a bit over $14 trillion. That’s a number whose sheer size makes it hard for people to grasp. To make it timely, we look at events taking place in the fabric of society, and boil down the big number in ways people can grasp.

Since this week marks the big game, we thought it would be fun to look at our debt in football terms. To demonstrate how to make a point in a visual way, and in terms people can easily understand, we ask you, “How Super Is Our Debt?”

How Super Is Our Debt?

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