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Today’s Big Thing is a Carefully Integrated “All of the Above.”

by aclark

In PRWeek, David All says “websites are obsolete” and that, like radio, broadcast television and cable before it, “the website’s time is up”…

Websites are obsolete. I am not claiming they are not still essential but, for the most part, by definition and largely in practice, the website has been overtaken as a medium. The “golden age” of radio lasted from the 1920s until the 1950s. Broadcast television dominated the media landscape from the 1950s through the 1970s, followed by cable for more than a decade after the 1984 Cable Act.

But the “revolution gap” in communications has been shortened significantly and the website’s time is up – already.

We appreciate how mobile technology is helping campaigns and other brands communicate with their audiences, and we agree that it will become increasingly important. On the other hand, who listens to radio, watches broadcast and cable television anymore?

It turns out, the answer is: A lot of people. In fact, studies continually show Americans consuming more television every year, not less.

The fact is that new media channels rarely replace old mediums. They usually supplement, even complement, them. For campaigns, the question isn’t “which channel matters most”, but “how do the channels work together.”

The Next Big Thing can be exciting, but campaigns and brands need to be where people are today. As far as we’re concerned, Today’s Big Thing is a carefully integrated “all of the above.”