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Radio Free Internet, Part III: Integrating the Spoken Word into the Web

Part I and Part II were about the spoken word not being easily manipulable within the text-based and social web, and why that’s a problem. Part III is about how an entrepreneur could address the problem profitably. The spoken word in audio and video will really break into the text-based and social web when a [...]

Radio Free Internet, Part II: Grasping and Spreading the Word

Part I was an introduction to the problem of the spoken word not being integrated into the text-based and social web, and explained why the spoken word is hard to search. Part II (in a series of three) is about how the spoken word loses much of its audience by being somewhat hard to consume [...]

Radio Free Internet, Part I: How Much of the Web Hears You?

As we all know, the spoken word conveys more than typed text.  Where audio gives us a person’s inflection, tone and laughter, web chat requires smileys, sarcasm tags and clumsy acronyms like LOL. But the spoken word is not yet thoroughly integrated with the rest of the web.  Between video, talk radio and podcasts, a massive volume of spoken words is recorded for [...]



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