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Why We’re On Facebook Now

by mturk

Just after we launched last year, we posted a piece on our blog that explained our decision not to create a Facebook page for the firm. That post actually created a bit of controversy and is still one of our most discussed posts.

At the time we explained our position pretty succinctly:

If we do not have a strategic or tactical need to create and maintain a Facebook Fan Page, then we should not have one. When we decide a Facebook presence is justified, we will create one.

When asked about this, I usually offer the following elaboration. People are social, businesses aren’t. Putting a business on a social network is rather contradictory.

A recent survey by Forrester Research bears this out. Their study found that Facebook is less effective at driving interest in brands than email and paid search. Another study demonstrated that even print ads were a better investment than Facebook.

While our position on businesses using Facebook remains unchanged, Facebook hasn’t. Recently Facebook began creating placeholder pages for any entity listed as someone’s employer.

Because the page is going to exist anyway, we are faced with a choice. We can ensure the page reflects our company and defend our brand, or we can let Facebook’s generic page speak for us.

Given that choice, we have done exactly what we would advise our clients – own your brand, and don’t let someone else speak for you. As a result, CRAFT | Media / Digital can now be found on Facebook at facebook.com/CRAFTMediaDigital.

We still maintain that not all platforms are appropriate for all clients. Since the choice here was to look disengaged by choosing not to engage, the appropriate course of action was clear.

However, the content we will highlight on our Facebook page will be more social in nature. It will also be more interactive. To kick it off, here is a list of CRAFT’s Top Political Movies. We would love your help whittling it down to ten. Drop your list in the comments, and we will announce the Top 10 in a future post.