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Why Make a YouTube Video if Nobody Will See It? Part I

by ldoren

It is amazing how much time and money is spent producing online videos without an equal amount of time and effort marketing them.  For some reason people think high-quality videos magically go viral by uploading them. The truth is that most videos reach a large audience because they were marketed correctly. This series of posts outlines some of the most basic techniques to attract more video views. For content ideas geared toward a YouTube audience, visit the YouTube Creator Playbook.

1. Make sure the name of your YouTube channel is something people will remember

  • Everyone who buys a website wants the best URL possible. YouTube is no different. Strangely, some people are satisfied with a YouTube channel: Jess2344mnX2v, or something equally atrocious. The owners themselves can’t even remember the name! Some of the best marketing techniques are the most simple ones. Begin with choosing a simple username.
  • The goal is to help people find your YouTube channel directly without searching for individual videos. Moreover, if you continue to upload videos over several months, this will facilitate channel branding.
  • Something to consider: If you have very few uploaded videos, very few views, very few subscribers and you haven’t registered your Non Profit or Partnership with YouTube (see #5), you may consider creating a new channel with a better name that people can remember.

2.  Plan your marketing strategy before you upload your video

YouTube stops its daily video rankings after around 48 hours. That means if you upload a video, wait a week, and then tell people about it, you wasted potential traffic via the rankings. You want to crash your video with as much traffic immediately after the video is uploaded and processed. Once your views and metrics increase, people may be able to find your videos organically on YouTube’s daily rankings.

Therefore, before you upload a video, outline your marketing strategy including:

  • Email Lists
    • Have all the email addresses ready to go with an email pitch completed.  Leave a space to insert the Video URL once it is uploaded.
    • If you are reaching out to bloggers, you may want to email them individually with a specific pitch on why they should be interested in the video. Maybe they’ve written about the video topic before.
    • Ask people on your lists to “like” the video on YouTube and share it on their networks. Liking a video makes it more likely others will see it.
  • Twitter, Facebook and Google +
    • Let people know on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ that you will be uploading a video very soon, and they should be prepared for it.  This will create buzz.
    • Once the video is uploaded (see #3), post the video URL on Twitter, Facebook and Google + and ask people to please share the video.
  • Description, Tagging & SEO
    • Write the description of your video, and the tags, in a simple text editor before you upload the video.
    • Make sure you describe what the video is about accurately, and link to any websites you want people visit in the description.
    • Put descriptive tags in quotation marks (Don’t cheat and use “Paris Hilton” if the video isn’t about her. YouTube considers this a Terms of Service Violation.)
    • The first few words in the Title, Description and Tags are most important for SEO.
    • The preparation will save you time once the video is uploaded

Stay tuned for Part II of this series…