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Why Make a YouTube Video if Nobody Will See It? Part II

by ldoren

This is Part II in a series about marketing YouTube videos. This post references sections from Part I that can be read here.

3. Uploading

  • Since your video description and tags were written before the video is uploaded, this should only require a simple cut and paste to fill out the forms.
  • If you didn’t ask people to subscribe to your YouTube channel directly in the video, you may consider adding a YouTube annotation after the video is uploaded. The annotation will ask people to subscribe and link back to the main channel.
  • Once the video is uploaded and completely processed, you are ready to follow your marketing plan.

4. Post Upload

  • Once the video is uploaded, send out your video URL to all your email lists (see #2a), or individual emails, and post on all your social networks as soon as possible.
  • If you have a blog, embed the video in a blog post and write about it.
  • If someone else blogged about your video, tweet out their blog to show appreciation.

5. Final thoughts & Important URLs to remember

Above are the very basics of marketing your YouTube videos. I didn’t discuss tips to getting more subscribers, content ideas that work, branding your channel, nor other YouTube metrics that help you build an audience. So stay tuned for more blog posts on these topics in the future. Good luck with your next video project!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

Important URLs

  • YouTube Partner – When you’ve developed a large subscriber base, and have uploaded several videos, you can submit an application to become a YouTube Partner. This will allow you to brand your channel and place ads on your videos. Note that you must have all the rights to your videos to be approved.
  • YouTube Nonprofit – If you are a 501(c)3, you can submit your documentation to YouTube to brand your channel and set up a donation button on your videos. Again, you must have all the rights to your videos to be approved.