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Impressions are Passive

by CRAFT | Media / Digital

Glad to see Coca-Cola, the world’s largest beverage company, has come around to our way of thinking.

A recent article by the Harvard Business Review takes interest in an approach that CRAFT is already using to garner client success. With our new Pay for Performance model, clients only pay for results. This includes everything from a Facebook “Like”, donation, letter to Congress, video view, or e-mail address. You pay for what is valuable to you— at a guaranteed rate.

Here’s an excerpt from Harvard Business Review on how Coca-Cola has revamped their measure of success.

“In the near term, ‘consumer impressions’ will remain the backbone of our measurement because it is the metric universally used to compare audiences across nearly all types of media. But impressions only tell advertisers the raw size of the audience. By definition, impressions are passive. They give us no real sense of engagement, and consumer engagement with our brands is ultimately what we’re striving to achieve. Awareness is fine, but advocacy will take your business to the next level. (I used to think that loyalty was the highest rung on the consumer pyramid until I became the CMO of Allstate Insurance. There, I saw clearly that so much business was driven through personal referrals and advocacy by individuals for their agent.)

So, in addition to ‘consumer impressions,’ we are increasingly tracking ‘consumer expressions.’ To us, an expression is any level of engagement with our brand content by a consumer or constituent. It could be a comment, a “like,” uploading a photo or video or passing content onto their networks. We’re measuring those expressions and applying what we learn to global brand activations and those created at the local level by our 2,700 marketers around the world. For example, in our 24-Hour Live Session with Maroon 5, we captured impressions (the number of online views)but gained tremendous insights from expressions by our consumers — their comments, input on the song that was being created and what they shared with their networks.

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We’ve already put this way of thinking into motion at CRAFT. There are countless ways our price-per-action model can drive your campaign towards success.

CONSTITUENTS. CONTACTS. LEADS. Whatever you call them, you know you need them. CRAFT is here to help you build your list quickly and efficiently with valuable contacts that will continue to yield data and support over the long term.

THE REAL MEANING OF ROI. CRAFT provides pay for results pricing, meaning our clients only pay after we deliver contacts at a rate they can afford. Whether you want a thousand leads or a million leads, you’ll know in advance what they cost and you won’t pay until you get them, guaranteed all-inclusive pricing. Don’t pay for creative, advertising placement, or campaign maintenance —all costs are included in one pay for results price.

HAD ENOUGH OF COMPLICATED CAMPAIGNS? Many roads, one destination. CRAFT does all the heavy lifting for you, utilizing the latest tactics to find qualified leads with a variety of digital technologies. CRAFT will produce all needed creative for ads, emails and landing pages, manage all advertising, track the results, and update campaigns for better performance while you sit back and watch new contacts roll in.

To learn more about how your advertisement can lead to action, contact mdybwad@craftdc.com