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CRAFTing Your Facebook Timeline Page

by CRAFT | Media / Digital

The new Facebook timeline format creates an opportunity to make a huge impression for your candidate or organization—so you need to be prepared. CRAFT produced a simple infographic that highlights the main specs and new features. This is especially important now because all pages will automatically transition to the timeline format today. Below we’ve elaborated on a few changes.

Cover Photo:

A banner-size photo placed at the top of the page, layered behind the profile picture. This provides an opportunity to send a clear, impactful message from the start, but before you post a cover photo asking everyone to “Vote November 6 for Joe Smith!” —think again. Facebook is now focused on your brand’s appearance to your audience, so dress this space with aesthetic designs or a candid snapshot. See below for some of the Facebook cover photo restrictions: Cover photos may not include:

    • price or purchase information
    • contact information such as a website or email address
    • references to Facebook features such as “like” or “share”
    • calls to action, i.e. “Vote today!”

Application Tabs:

In lieu of the default landing tabs, Facebook has now relocated them to span horizontally underneath your awesome new cover photo. You can select 4 “apps” to prominently display here. Use this as an opportunity to highlight the best features of your page, i.e. photos, YouTube, or customized applications. You may place a customizable photo on each tab. Keep in mind whatever photo you choose will scale down to 111 x 74 pixels.

Profile Picture:

When choosing your profile picture, bear in mind that it must be at least 180 x 180 pixels. Your profile picture will also be scaled down to 32 x 32 pixels and take place as a thumbnail. When selecting a profile picture, visualize how this will look when posting as your page. Too much wording or artistic design could dilute your brand appearance—keep it simple.

Pinned Post:

Campaigns and organizations should especially take advantage of this new feature that “pins” selected posts to the top of your page. A pinned post will always appear on the top left corner of your page for a maximum of 7 days and is marked by an orange ribbon on the right side of the posting. This is beneficial for campaigns which are based around key events that need extra promotional boost or media being pushed out. The concept of the “pinned post” is synonymous to a featured video on a YouTube page (with a shorter lifespan).

Starred Content:

Starring a story is another way of highlighting material on your new timeline. This feature allows you to mark the posts that have significance. Click the star next to the post and it will expand to 843 x 403 pixels. Unlike a pinned post, you can actually star a post from a fan. For a campaign, this would be a great place to highlight voter testimonials, endorsements, special events, or media. Let others promote your organization or campaign and thank them for their support by expanding the post on your timeline.

To learn more about other features on the new Facebook fan page timeline, visit the Facebook Help Center or simply call CRAFT.