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Our Greatest Strength, Part II

by CRAFT | Media / Digital

This is the second of a two-part post about the CRAFT team (to read Part I click here).

In Part I of this post, I mentioned The CRAFT Experience. What is that? CRAFT was created with the expectation that the partners would not be the sole focus of the firm: any interaction with any CRAFT team member must and shall be a valuable experience. By extension, every team member must be valuable: every member of our team is a contributing, valued member of the Body CRAFT: they fill multi-faceted roles, lending their perspectives, leadership and talents. It’s not just a job – they bring their A game and move the team (and themselves) forward toward success together as one unit.

For example, when Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick (AZ-2) walked out of her own town hall meeting with constituents to avoid their questions about the then-pending Obamacare bill, members of the CRAFT team collaborated closely with the National Republican Congressional Committee to turn YouTube videos of the incident into game-changing TV ads. The result? Arizona voters booted Ms. Kirkpatrick from office. These ads, conceptualized and produced by the CRAFT team, played a major role in facilitating Ms. Kirkpatrick’s departure from Congress.

There are many instances like this, where CRAFTers collaborated both internally and with external partners to deliver hard-hitting, effective messages that resulted in tangible change.

So when someone at CRAFT says that our people are our greatest strength, our finest, most valuable asset, they’re not just whistling Dixie. This is a deeply ingrained CRAFT value that we all embrace and nurture. We live it. We breathe it. We eat it for breakfast with our granola.

We don’t worry about being “greater than the sum of our parts” because the sum of our parts is already so great. We are CRAFT.