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Decoding CRAFT Digital

by CRAFT | Media / Digital

In the CRAFT offices, you can tell who works long hours. In the digital office where our web developers work, a tangle of Ethernet and power cords runs along the floor. The blinds are usually pulled closed. If anyone says anything, it’s something worth saying. The same could be said about their work – anything that they produce is worth talking about.

Here’s the recent CRAFT work that has people talking.

When Congressman Paul Ryan calls, CRAFT answers. The House of Representatives Committee on the Budget needed a web portal to showcase Paul’s plan, educate voters and communicate the consequences of letting current budget issues go unchecked. Sending Ryan’s message wasn’t easy, though – because of the amount of information voters need to understand the federal budget, CRAFT had some explaining to do.

To get Paul’s message across, CRAFT designed a single-page online destination to showcase the Path to Prosperity alongside infographics that help readers visualize the complex concepts that surround the federal budget. These infographics were used on the website and were distributed across social media, blogs and traditional news outlets.

CRAFT is best known for is its campaign work. That carries over to the digital sector, too.

CRAFT built a sharp website for Cliff Stearns, a conservative candidate from Florida, that focused on his solid leadership record and his capabilities to lead in the future. Cliff was a tried-and-true conservative long before a Tea Party existed. His accomplishments, experience, and dedication to Florida are the core of his campaign message. In just four weeks, CRAFT produced a campaign website that put his message front and center: Rock Solid Conservative Leadership.

Visually, the site leads with fresh content while making core interactivity immediately available right from the home page. CRAFT worked to ensure interaction with his constituents easily and effectively. With CRAFT’s help, Stearns will be digitally prepared for his heated primary come August.

But it’s not just campaigns that get people talking.

Newly formed public affairs firm Porter Gordon Silver Communications needed a strong design that provided content for users efficiently without sacrificing the elegance the firm conveys. The CRAFT digital team designed a glossy boutique look that captured the firm’s vision for its future as a business and provided eye-catching visuals alongside streamlined content. The new look for Porter Gordon Silver is striking, professional and stands out from the crowd.