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Brian Donahue Makes a Power Play

by CRAFT | Media / Digital

This week, CRAFT Media/Digital Partner, Brian Donahue, sat down with Chris Stirewalt and Democrat consultant, Chuck Rocha, on Fox News Power Play. He shared his insights about the mood and energy of campaigns across the country as we get closer to the election in November.

Brian noted after his appearance that Ted Cruz’s Primary victory in Texas is “an illustration that the populist movement, that swelled in 2010, is still full of steam heading into the 2012 November Election.” He continued, “I believe the the media establishment and the Left continue to fool themselves into believing that the Tea Party is the sole driving force behind these electoral outcomes. They are infatuated with the Right’s activist coalitions, while they miss the fact that a majority of Americans agree that the fiscal agenda of the left has not helped our economy. Furthermore, recent polling show, voters are willing to elect candidates, even if they are anti-establishment candidates, who take a strong fiscally accountable, anti-big government stand.”

When asked about how the GOP needed to change in order to win in November, Donahue charged that the party is already changing. “This is not your grandfather’s or your father’s Republican Party anymore … we’re seeing a lot more minorities coming into the ranks of the Republican party—Nikki Haley, Bobby Jindal—it is a growing party, it is an expansive party but it’s one really founded in the root of its principles and I think we’re seeing a lot of different types of Americans coming toward the party in that way …. seeing that these principles are aligned with their values and that’s exciting, and it’s exciting to see a party that’s growing with new and different kinds of candidates…”

When asked about how the tea party movement and its impact on current races, Donahue was quick to provide insight into how it reflects the larger mood of the country.

“Here’s the problem, the left and the establishment tend to focus on the movement itself specifically, but the movement came out of a mood … and the mood is resilient in this country … and the mood really comes from the fact that the American people are tired of a growing government, they’re tired of these the fiscal policies coming out this administration, they’re tired of paying more taxes and seeing the debt go up. And [the media] if they focus on the movement, that’s good for the Republican party—have them focus on the tea parties, have them focus on the extreme, small portion of who they see as a visible face, but what they are missing is that the mood is there, and the mood is anti-growing government, anti-establishment, and anti-Washington … anti-incumbent.”

Brian was quick to counter Democrat operative Chuck Rochas’s assertion that the “right wing” of the Republican party would be detrimental to the GOP’s chances of victory in November.

“I just love when the left calls anti-taxes, anti-growing government, anti-debt ‘right wing’ I think you’ll see there will be a lot of people who will fall into that ‘right wing’ camp this year if that’s how you’re coining it. I think we’re going to do extremely well this year. I think the numbers on our side, the mood is with us, and we have energy in our base which is the movement you’ve described that you’re not seeing you on the left.”