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Introducing Alex Finland and CRAFT | Booking

by CRAFT | Media / Digital

We are thrilled to announce Alex Finland, former producer of Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, has joined our team here at CRAFT | Media / Digital.

Under his leadership we have launched a new television network booking service, CRAFT | Booking, in addition to our current media, digital and intelligence public affairs offerings.

Alex will lead CRAFT | Booking, by placing CRAFT clients and strategic partners on programs that seek political experts and opinion leaders available for on-air broadcast, cable and radio network segments and programs.

Finland will lead the day-to-day management of CRAFT | Booking operations. Finland will also manage the vetting and training of clients who seek to deliver valuable content for media networks and programs.

“CRAFT’s success in the political consulting and public affairs space is built upon the talent of our team. Alex Finland is a huge addition to CRAFT,” said CRAFT partner, Brian Donahue, who explained, “Alex will lead our new service, CRAFT | Booking, making CRAFT the only Washington, D.C. based agency of its kind to serve the political news industry delivering talent on-demand, for television networks.”

Click here to learn more about CRAFT | Booking services.