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Post-Election Digital and Social Media Presence

by CRAFT | Media / Digital

Election Day has passed—and it’s time to get to work.

You’ve worked hard to build a campaign website and cultivate followers—and as a result, a newly elected official has a valuable audience of constituents who can help share and promote content and keep the conversation going. Now is the time to update your campaign site and your official site. Here’s the CRAFT guide to managing each of them individually right now.

What to do with a Campaign website after Election Day:

  • Continue to collect email addresses from constituents and groups.
  • Continue to update website with accomplishments, news articles and information.
  • Use your campaign site as an extension of your official website.
  • Center the website around key issues and initiatives.
  • Keep it active. Have a message ready to go after the election.
  • If you’d like to keep up with me in Congress, sign up here!
  • Don’t let the site go to waste—you’ve already put a lot of work in getting people there, and these are supporters you want to keep engaged.

And what about your Facebook page?

  • If you will be or already are an elected official, make sure to keep your campaign page separate from your official government page.
  • Synchronize legislative updates on your campaign and your government pages.
  • Utilize social media graphics to illustrate accomplishments.
  • Design digital flyers that show a side-by-side comparison of campaign promises and legislative milestones.
  • Host personal videos on campaign page to keep the audience engaged.
  • Use the campaign page to deliver more opinion. That page is a more appropriate venue than government pages and is a place you can get a little more personal with your constituents.
  • Use both sites as teaching tools.
  • Feature members of your staff to help your constituents get to know your team—and so that they feel like they’re a part of it.

Give your YouTube subscribers what they want—more content!

  • Continue to post videos- your channel is not dead!
  • You’ve developed a YouTube channel with several videos, and you likely already have subscribers that support your ideas. It is important to hang on to subscribers and maintain a place for them to find future videos.
  • Set up a separate official account- why? If you are elected into office, you may consider making an official account for your new elected office while maintaining your campaign account.
    • Reason 1 – This allows you to separate the messages. One would be for campaigns, while the other would be for official business and transparency.
    • Reason 2 – Certain messages for campaigns are not appropriate for governing business.
    • Reason 3 – You may want a variety of people to have access to your governing channel who wouldn’t have access to your campaigning channel.
  • Shoot video of district events – You want people to see regular videos of you in your best light. Cut several highlights of speeches or events and post them online.
  • Film video of accomplishments – Every success should be recorded and posted so people are aware of your accomplishments. You want your constituency aware of what you’re doing.
  • Record a virtual tour of DC/Local offices – YouTube makes it easy to be transparent with the public. Introduce the public to your offices so citizens know what you’re doing from day-to-day.
  • Record an intro video of your staff with their contact info – Introduce citizens to certain staff members who are made available to the public.


  • DON’T USE FEDERAL RESOURCES (time, equipment, accounts, etc) FOR NON-FEDERAL ACTIVITIES.

What are you doing for your campaign website? Comment below or tweet @CRAFTdc with the thoughts or questions you have on maintaining your online presence.