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Case Study

Going Viral: A Mini Case Study

Going Viral: A Mini Case Study

First it was planking. Then it was about going Gangnam Style. Next it was Marco Rubio’s Poland Springs/Watergate fail. Now it’s the Harlem Shake.

Our Success

Our Success

CaseStudies CRAFT takes a cohesive approach to solve problems and execute communications strategies that get measurable results. We’ve developed these case studies to share our experiences when communication plans are taken out of their vacuum and set in motion. Case Study: Intelligence Knowing what people are saying about an issue, campaign, or company has obvious [...]

CRAFT Booking: Success out of the Gate

CRAFT Booking:  Success out of the Gate

CRAFT Booking notches a huge win only 4 days after its initial launch by placing former Colorado Republican Congressman, Bob Beauprez, on Fox News Channel’s “Happening Now.” The Congressman debated the controversial new ad from pro-Obama Super PAC, Priorities USA. Fox News Channel has long been the dominate force in cable news, and the segment [...]

Issue Campaigns that Work

Issue Campaigns that Work

Issue advertisements are critical for organizations to shed light on important issues that affect the lives of Americans. We work closely with Issue focused PACs and Associations to communicate their messages to audiences. The spot below is an example of an advertisement that moved numbers in a critical race. Jeanne Shaheen Chamber Spot from CRAFT [...]

Captivating Web Video

Every minute 20 hours of Web video are uploaded to YouTube – so it is imperative that your message and your video stand out. Sometimes it’s not enough to just be captivating – sometimes it’s necessary to be outrageous. The One from Craft on Vimeo. New York Magazine named “the One” the most effective ad [...]

We Are Republican

We Are Republican from Craft on Vimeo. This is a mini-documentary. It’s a short piece meant to remind politicos in the beltway what it means to be a real Republican. It’s an excellent example of powerful web video produced for very little cost. The film was shot in 1080 24p and edited in Final Cut [...]

Web Video BC’04

In 2004 Craft Partner Justin Germany served as the Bush campaign’s road videographer and web video editor. Throughout that campaign he produced a series of Web videos that showcased both the message of the President and the grassroots enthusiasm he generated. The following are some of the videos created for the Bush re-elect. The Rally [...]

McCain TV Ads

Outrageous from Craft on Vimeo. This TV spot is an example of how you can put together an ad on the fly. It was written and edited while co-supervising an edit session for another spot. Used Final Cut and a Mac Pro to put this together in a matter of just a few hours. This [...]

The People of Standish

In the last year there have been great advances in digital film making. The convergence between digital SLR cameras and HD video has created a truly accessible film like visual aesthetic – and Craft has embraced it whole heartedly. The technological path was first paved by the RED camera – a revolutionary video camera capable [...]

Joe Wilson Goes on Offense

Taking on Obama

2009 was a reversal of fortune for Barack Obama. His presidency started with a stirring inaugural that HBO felt warranted it’s own special. But as his presidency progressed his progressive policies became a millstone around his neck slowly sinking his approval ratings. Web video has become a powerful source of opposition and critique of the [...]

Emotional Impact

Reagan Memorial Video from Craft on Vimeo. This video was created for the Bush campaign as a memorial to President Ronald Reagan upon his passing.  It uses photos of President Reagan as well as sound-bites and sound-bites from President George W. Bush.  It was featured on the homepage of GeorgeWBush.com as part of the campaign’s [...]