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Why Make a YouTube Video if Nobody Will See It? Part II

Why Make a YouTube Video if Nobody Will See It? Part II

This is Part II in a series about marketing YouTube videos. This post references sections from Part I that can be read here. 3. Uploading Since your video description and tags were written before the video is uploaded, this should only require a simple cut and paste to fill out the forms. If you didn’t [...]

Why Make a YouTube Video if Nobody Will See It? Part I

Why Make a YouTube Video if Nobody Will See It?  Part I

It is amazing how much time and money is spent producing online videos without an equal amount of time and effort marketing them.  For some reason people think high-quality videos magically go viral by uploading them. The truth is that most videos reach a large audience because they were marketed correctly. This series of posts [...]

Microsoft’s Rust Lung Email Problem

Microsoft’s Rust Lung Email Problem

A promotional email I received this morning from Microsoft suggests that immulsion fumes are beginning to turn marketers in Redmond into primordial Lambent Drudges. Their blunder is tragically common, and easily mitigated with better strategic planning and creative copy development. Xbox LIVE successfully melded the real-time over-the-net competition of PC gaming with the intuitive, user-friendly [...]

There’s An App For That

There’s An App For That

CRAFT is extremely proud to showcase our recent work for Rep. Kevin McCarthy and the Office of the Majority Whip. In accordance with House Republicans’ commitment to transparency and accountability, CRAFT set out to build a mobile app that would modernize the way Congress communicates with its Members, staff, and the American people. The result [...]

Pinning the Future

Pinning the Future

There’s a new kid on the social media block and her name is Pinterest. A few weeks ago I began hearing buzz of Pinterest, a “virtual pinboard” that allows users to organize and share images and videos they find online. Time Magazine named it one of the top 50 Website of 2011. Curious but skeptical [...]

Meet Our “New” Director of Digital

CRAFT | Media/Digital is a talent driven firm that helps our clients succeed by hiring the best people and brightest minds available. When we found out that Tim Cameron was looking to make a career change we knew that we needed to hire him even though we weren’t currently looking to fill a senior position [...]

If it’s Thursday, it must be Afghanistan

If it’s Thursday, it must be Afghanistan

Last month I spent a week in Kabul, Afghanistan, volunteering for The International Republican Institute by training local and national political coalition groups on effective ways to leverage an online presence.  It was an eye opening and rewarding experience that I documented with as much detail as I could, security allowing, on my travel blog for the trip. [...]

Why We’re On Facebook Now

Just after we launched last year, we posted a piece on our blog that explained our decision not to create a Facebook page for the firm. That post actually created a bit of controversy and is still one of our most discussed posts. At the time we explained our position pretty succinctly: If we do [...]

Radio Free Internet, Part II: Grasping and Spreading the Word

Part I was an introduction to the problem of the spoken word not being integrated into the text-based and social web, and explained why the spoken word is hard to search. Part II (in a series of three) is about how the spoken word loses much of its audience by being somewhat hard to consume [...]

Size Doesn’t Matter. It’s How You Use It.

Most people who run online campaigns are used to questions about list size.  “How big is our list? How can we get more emails? How can we reach 100k, 200k, a million or more?”  Rarely do the higher ups ask “How many of our people actually read our messages?  How many actually took action on [...]

How Super Is Our Debt?

How Super Is Our Debt?

One problem political organizations often face is a wealth of complex information and the challenge of presenting that information in an easily digestible format. Our goal, as a firm, is to help clients identify new and compelling ways to make a point. To illustrate this point, we wanted to find a complex topic, with big [...]

Analog Adventure in Tokyo

Election season. Day after day, hour after hour, crisis after crisis you’ve long since lost any sense of normalcy as your reality has been engulfed by your own volition into an endless cycle of work and stress. Finally the wave of work crashes over you – a long building torrent of tension suddenly crescendos leaving [...]

CRAFTing 2010

Our clients faced unique challenges, and we set our sights high. Whether it was working for candidates for Governor, U.S. Senate, Congress and State Legislature, or gaining support for a key issue, we executed communications efforts to achieve victory.


CRAFT is proud to showcase the work we recently produced for The Manhattan Institute for Public Policy Research. In conjunction with the release of Steven Malanga’s newest book Shakedown, we set out to create a mini-documentary, telling the story of this timely subject. Shakedown dissects the unchecked growth of the public sector unions and non-profit [...]

Rule #17 – Be a Hero

In the soon to be classic movie Zombieland, our hero, Columbus, lives by a set of rules. One of the most important of these is number seventeen – don’t be a hero. Without giving the story away, he’s forced to reconsider that. Similarly, you should see it as your job to be the hero. Here’s how you do it.

Reanimating The Dead Is Always Harder Than It Looks On TV

Before you grab that shovel, axe handle, or baseball bat and start bashing Zs, you have to make an effort to reanimate some of the dead. This should take the form of a reactivation campaign. Try what you can to revive the undead before writing them off.

Zombies Are Not Rapid Responders

In zombie flicks, it always seems the military and police are overrepresented amongst the undead. While uniformed first responders may constitute a fair chunk of the horde, there is nothing responsive about the Living Dead on your list.

Zombies are Killing Your List: Day Two – The Cost of Survival

The Living Dead may make up half (or more) of your list. Every time you hit send, you are wasting good money on lifeless zombies.

Reanimating the Dead, The Zombie Apocalypse, & Your Email List

Zombies in movies bring about the end of the world, the complete breakdown of society. They do the same to your email lists: costing you money, lowering your response rates, and eventually resulting in the apocalypse – blacklisting from ISPs.

We Remember

CRAFT is proud of the work from our team and, especially, Justin Germany for producing such a profound video piece on the subject of the creation of the Ground Zero Mosque. On behalf of Keep America Safe, Justin Germany filmed those most personally affected by the terrorist act committed by 19 Islamic extremists on September [...]

A Case Study in Good Policy Blogging: AT&T

Mashable ran a post last week titled “15 Excellent Corporate Blogs To Learn From” that was really quite good.  The post looked mostly at marketing components like choosing a design, showcasing your products, highlighting your company’s expertise, and more. There was no discussion, however, of how these companies use their blogs to engage in public [...]

Too much Caffeine in your backlinks?

Google’s new search indexing system, “Caffeine,” has been completely implemented. What this means in a nutshell is that Google can index content across the web, including the social web, far more efficiently and deliver search results that include content that is nearly brand new. However, Caffeine does not change Google’s search algorithm, so when the number [...]

Sometimes a “Feel-Good” Ad is Not Good Enough

Crude oil has been gushing from a faulty wellhead into the Gulf of Mexico for over 70 days now, and a viable solution to the problem has yet to be introduced. BP’s CEO, Tony Hayward, has been receiving immense criticism left and right for his actions since the spill, or lack thereof. In an effort [...]

Changing Media Changing Attention Spans

A question came up the other day with a friend of mine who asked me “who writes letters anymore?” Thinking about it with the exception of Christmas cards and a few notes on birthdays I realized that I in fact don’t. It’s not just that I do not write letters, it’s my attention span, like [...]