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Getting the Most Out of Your Email

Getting the Most Out of Your Email

In today’s digital age, email lists are precious commodities. These lists can be massive—and the possibilities for optimizing their sends are limitless. Here are a few of the roles an email list plays in digital marketing: Communication: Email is by far the most direct method of communication between an organization or stakeholder and its supporters. [...]

Living Dead List

Living Dead List

Just in time for Halloween, American Solutions has come back from the grave in the worst way possible.  Their reanimated email list has been set loose upon my inbox, aimlessly shuffling about with a message I don’t want from people I’ve never heard of, desperately searching for the relevancy it had in life. It appears [...]

Rule #17 – Be a Hero

In the soon to be classic movie Zombieland, our hero, Columbus, lives by a set of rules. One of the most important of these is number seventeen – don’t be a hero. Without giving the story away, he’s forced to reconsider that. Similarly, you should see it as your job to be the hero. Here’s how you do it.

Reanimating The Dead Is Always Harder Than It Looks On TV

Before you grab that shovel, axe handle, or baseball bat and start bashing Zs, you have to make an effort to reanimate some of the dead. This should take the form of a reactivation campaign. Try what you can to revive the undead before writing them off.

Zombies Are Not Rapid Responders

In zombie flicks, it always seems the military and police are overrepresented amongst the undead. While uniformed first responders may constitute a fair chunk of the horde, there is nothing responsive about the Living Dead on your list.

Zombies are Killing Your List: Day Two – The Cost of Survival

The Living Dead may make up half (or more) of your list. Every time you hit send, you are wasting good money on lifeless zombies.

Reanimating the Dead, The Zombie Apocalypse, & Your Email List

Zombies in movies bring about the end of the world, the complete breakdown of society. They do the same to your email lists: costing you money, lowering your response rates, and eventually resulting in the apocalypse – blacklisting from ISPs.