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Rule #17 – Be a Hero

In the soon to be classic movie Zombieland, our hero, Columbus, lives by a set of rules. One of the most important of these is number seventeen – don’t be a hero. Without giving the story away, he’s forced to reconsider that. Similarly, you should see it as your job to be the hero. Here’s how you do it.

Reanimating The Dead Is Always Harder Than It Looks On TV

Before you grab that shovel, axe handle, or baseball bat and start bashing Zs, you have to make an effort to reanimate some of the dead. This should take the form of a reactivation campaign. Try what you can to revive the undead before writing them off.

Zombies Are Not Rapid Responders

In zombie flicks, it always seems the military and police are overrepresented amongst the undead. While uniformed first responders may constitute a fair chunk of the horde, there is nothing responsive about the Living Dead on your list.

Are You “Kicking Your Own Ass”?

Mark Cuban has a great post up at Blog Maverick titled, “Why You Should Never Listen To Your Customers.”  In it he relates the tale of a company with which he was involved.  The company asked its customers what features they would like to see in the product while the competition just went ahead and [...]

At What Point Does Facebook Become Too Commercial?

Yesterday Jon posted a note explaining the reason we don’t have a Facebook fan page.  If you haven’t checked it out, you may want to as it has a direct correlation to my thoughts on Facebook.  As he mentioned in his note, the discussion of whether or not to launch one spawned a lot of [...]

Your Newsletter Is Killing Your List

Earlier this morning I received an email from the PAC of a major political figure and probable GOP candidate for President in 2012.  The subject of the email demonstrates the problem fairly clearly: Month in Review — February 2010 My goal in discussing this email is not to embarrass the sender, so I’m not going [...]