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U.S. Department of Labor: Working Hard to Protect the Rights of Illegals

Towards the end of June, the Department of Labor launched an ad campaign explicitly offering government assistance to illegal immigrants who believe that they are not being paid fair wages at their jobs, which they illegally maintain in the United States. In April, the Labor Department initiated “We Can Help,” a “bilingual national awareness campaign [...]

Tea Party Candidates and Women: Victorious in the Primaries but Face Challenges Ahead

In the recent slew of primary elections that took place throughout the country, two groups particularly stood out as victors in the races: women and Tea Party candidates. Several women won high profile primary races, including Carly Fiorina for California Senate, Meg Whitman for California governor, Sharron Angle for Nevada Senate, and Nikki Haley for [...]

Video Tracker: Game Changer?

Politics has changed considerably the last few cycles. President Obama’s campaign dominated the internet in 2008 with their impressive fundraising as did now Sen. Scott Brown in his historic January 19 win for the Massachusetts Senate seat. Twitter has become a dominating force within political circles for rapid response and sharing information but what about [...]