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Digitally Engaging With Your Constituents

Blog Outreach: The Basics

Blogs and Bloggers are here to stay and their influence is impossible to ignore. The dynamic is no longer traditional news outlets vs blogs, but rather a mix and integration, and interaction of the two. Both are valuable in their own right and must be addressed with respect to their unique nature in order to maximize the reach of your message.

Blog Outreach: Beyond the Basics

Over the last few years we’ve seen the merging of professional journalism and weblogging. Still, the vast majority of webloggers you will deal with write online as a hobby. Here’s some additional tips to add to Daniel Huey’s previous post.

Twitter: Nuts and Bolts

Just as Twitter was a useful tool when asking for votes, it can be useful for serving constituents and informing the public. I’ll give you some tips I learned from my years working in the U.S. Senate. In this post I’ll talk about Twitter nuts and bolts. In my next post, I’ll go into what [...]

Twitter: Creating Good Content

So you know the nuts-and-bolts of getting your boss set up on Twitter. Now comes the important part: creating good content. Here are some suggestions to be interesting on Twitter to help your boss better serve his constituents. What not to tweet Here’s what your boss shouldn’t tweet about: That sore they found on their [...]

Facebook: Tips and Tricks

Facebook is the giant of social media with more than 500 million active users in the world. Here are a few tips to make it a useful online space for your boss’ constituents and where your boss can talk to the public and get useful feedback. Like Twitter, create a separate Facebook account for your [...]

Importance of Constituent Communications

Republican electoral success in 2010 was not a mandate, but rather an opportunity, a second chance. Republicans are poised to take advantage of this opportunity, but to do so they must continue to generate support for their initiatives and articulate their legislative agenda. If Republicans fail to communicate effectively and efficiently they will squander the [...]

YouTube: Show & Tell

Video content has the unique capability to hold people’s attention and articulate a message in a captivating and visually appealing way. It has become an important component of any communications strategy. At a minimum, most offices on Capitol Hill use YouTube to post floor speeches and television news hits. That’s a start, but video can [...]