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Vine – A Walkthrough

Vine – You’ve heard about it. You’ve seen your friends use it. But what exactly is it? Vine is a new social media app that allows users to share 6-second loopable videos. Think of it as Twitter with video. It’s a new way for people to communicate and share experiences with each other. It’s also [...]

What is Native Advertising?

What is Native Advertising?

It happens every once in a blue moon. You’re on your computer (about to get in your YouTube fix for the day), when you run into a monetized ad. But this isn’t just any click-through diatribe. No, this ad is tailored to your liking. So much so that you forget about the video of the [...]

Post-Election Digital and Social Media Presence

Post-Election Digital and Social Media Presence

Election Day has passed—and it’s time to get to work. You’ve worked hard to build a campaign website and cultivate followers—and as a result, a newly elected official has a valuable audience of constituents who can help share and promote content and keep the conversation going. Now is the time to update your campaign site [...]

Tweeting Effectively: What’s Your Plan?

Tweeting Effectively: What's Your Plan?

Twitter can be a powerful tool for sending messages or increasing consumer engagement with a brand—be it commercial or political. CRAFT lets you in on some of the basics of what you need to get the most out of your Twitter experience. Twitter allows you to send messages with a limit of 140 characters. Tweets [...]

GOP State Party Chairs on Twitter

GOP State Party Chairs on Twitter

For political professionals, it’s pivotal to look outside the beltway to keep abreast of state-level developments. For this reason, CRAFT has compiled a Twitter list of GOP State Chairs. If a state chair doesn’t have an obvious Twitter account, we listed the coordinating GOP group. State chairmen aren’t just responsible for fundraising; they are the [...]

All About the Numbers

House Republicans announced last week their twitter new media challenge similar to “March Madness” in an effort to attract new followers to Republican Member’s of Congress. The idea is simple: Get more people to follow each Republican Member of Congress thus increasing the GOP’s ability to get its message out. In theory this is a [...]

Video Tracker: Game Changer?

Politics has changed considerably the last few cycles. President Obama’s campaign dominated the internet in 2008 with their impressive fundraising as did now Sen. Scott Brown in his historic January 19 win for the Massachusetts Senate seat. Twitter has become a dominating force within political circles for rapid response and sharing information but what about [...]